Commercial Crewing

I operate as a freelance MCA certified Master 500 GT near coastal with extensive towage experience. If you are a commercial marine contractor or operator, and you require a professional Master, mate or crew, with lots of experience for your business on a contract basis then ​get in touch. This arrangement can work very well for contractors. There is no need for the contractor to take on full time employees who may not be required at a later date simply an agreement for the duration of the contract and with no strings attached. The agreement can be terminated at any time. I currently work with a number of contractors in the UK but am always happy to work with new companies. There are no permanent crew on my books, it would not be possible to operate that way, but I have a book of crew (trusted people I have worked with) who can be called on for engineering, mates and deck. All qualified with good experience. Personally I am always happy to sail as Master or mate.

In addition I hold the Officer of the Watch II/1 Unlimited certificate and am happy to sail as 2nd or 3rd Mate on vessels of any size or tonnage on a contract basis. I have plenty of large vessel experience having spent 10 years in the offshore industry before moving into towage.

Please call us to discuss your requirements

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