Engineering Services

Inboard Diesel Servicing, Maintenance & Winterisation

Full service for maintenance, annual servicing and winterisation of all types of inboard Diesel engines for yachts and motor boats.

Outboard Engine Servicing & Repair

Outboards of any type. Full servicing and repair service. Re-conditioned outboards for sale. Part exchange and purchase of old outboards always considered.

Outboard Engine Re-Conditioning

If your old outboard is looking tired or not running too well, or not at all? Why not consider a re-conditioning. I will completely strip down and re-build your outboard from the ground up, re-painting it as I go (if required), replacing all necessary parts and servicing everything along the way. The end result is a fully re-conditioned and fully functioning engine that will give you many years more service. This is certainly cheaper than buying a new or even second-hand outboard. 

Inboard Fuel Systems

As a surveyor I frequently see inboard engine fuel systems that require upgrading or renewing. This service can be carried out with a full understanding and knowledge of ISO and insurance requirements.

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